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Policy Background On The Full Disclosure Policy

DILG Issuances

MC 2013-140: Implementing Guidelines on the Full Disclosure of Local Budget and Finances, and Bids and Public Offerings PDF
MC 2010-83: Full Disclosure of Local Budget and Finances, and Birds and Public Offerings PDF
MC 2011-08: Strict Adherence to Section 90of Republic Act No. 10147, General Appropriations Act Fiscal Year 2011 PDF
MC 2011-08A: Strict Adherence to Full Disclosure of Local Budget and Finances, Bids and Public Offering PDF
MC 2011-134: Amending DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2010-83, Series, 2010, titled, Full Disclosure of Local Budget and Finances, and Bids, and Public Offerings, As Amended PDF

LGU Fiscal Management References

Local Planning and Budgeting

DILG NEDA DBM DOF Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1 Series 2007: Harmonization of Local Planning, Investment Programming, Revenue Administration, Budgeting and Expenditure Management HTML
Towards An informed Citizens’ Participation in Local Governance: Sourcebook on Local Public Finance (Social Watch Philippines) PDF
Linking the Plan to the Budget (w\\\\\\\\/ Budget Advocacy), Lopez, 2007; presented by Magno, January 2012) PPTX
Readings on Participatory Budget Formulation (w\\\\\\\\/ international sources) (ANSA-EAP) PDF
Manual for Trainers of Social Accountability (ANSA-EAP) HTML
Fiscal Data Analysis Tools (Galvez, Social Watch Philippines) PDF

Local Procurement

R.A. 9184, Government Procurement Reform Act PDF
Monitoring Public Procurement in the Philippines (Lazatin, Transparency and Accountability Network, January 2012) PPTX
Procurement of Goods and General Services (Cerna, Transparency and Accountability Network) PDF
Social Audit Toolbox for Philippine CSOs (TAN, 2011) PDF

Gender and Development

R.A. 9710 Magna Carta for Women PDF
GAD User’s Manual (DILG) – forthcoming end-2012 HTML

Training Designs for CSOs on the 12 Reports

What are examples of training designs that aim to increase understanding and contribute to the usage of the Reports

Basic Training for CSOs engaged in local governance

Day 1 ZIP
Day 2 (part 1) ZIP
Day 2 (part 2) ZIP
Day 3 ZIP

Training for CSOs engaged with particular LGUs

Basic Training on Social Accountability

Manual for Trainers of Social Accountability, ANSA-EAP, 2010 HTML

Sectoral and Organizational Needs Assessments

What materials can I use to begin to assess the training needs of CSOs?

Diversity & Discovery: Mapping Civil Society Organizations in the Philippines (DILG-LGA, 2011) HTML
Civil Society Organizations in the Philippines, A Mapping & Strategic Assessment (Civil Society Resource Institute, 2011) PDF

Training Designs For Local Academic and Resource Institutes

Strengthening the Implementation of the Full Disclosure Policy and Seal of Good Housekeeping” (Social Watch Philippines & the DIALOG Trust Fund, Philippines Development Forum, Working Group on Decentralization and Local Government, 2013). PDF
Module I: About Social Watch Philippines PDF
Module I: Climate Setting PDF
Module II: Governance Framework PDF
Module II: Project and Training Background and Objectives PDF
Module II: The Local Public Finance Cycle PDF
Module III: Statement of Receipts and Expenditures and Debt Service PDF
Module III: Annual Budget Report PDF
Module IV: 20% Component of the IRA Utilization PDF
Module IV: Report of Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund Utilization PDF
Module IV: Trust Fund PDF
Module IV: The Special Education Fund PDF
Module IV: Annual Gender and Development (GAD) Accomplishment Report PDF
Module V: FDPP Reports on Procurement PDF
Module VI: Next Steps and Course Completion PDF
The Reference Materials above relate particularly to the Full Disclosure Policy and to understanding its context and applicability.  There are three sections:  the Policy Background on the FDP, LGU Fiscal Management References, and some Training Materials.  The reader should note that there are many other references that can be useful to CSOs, like those that focus on engagement, but which were not included here.  For those organizations that may want their materials to be considered for inclusion, please contact the DILG Bureau of Local Government Supervision Content Management officer, Kris Aragon, at lad_blgs@yahoo.com.